Privacy policy

When you utilize our online tool, it means that you trust us with the information you provide us with. The privacy policy is formulated to let you know that the type of data we collect the reason for collecting the data and what we will do with it. This is essential and we are looking forward to you to make some of your time to read this policy. You can also control to protect your privacy and information.

The purpose you can use our tool is to find out the individual that is checking your Instagram profile. When you share your information of Instagram ID with us we will provide you with the results that you require. Because you are utilizing our services so we want to make it clear that how you are using your information and the methods you can utilize to protect your privacy.

We have made sure to keep the policy simple and easy to understand. Your privacy is important for our tool regardless of the fact that you are using it for the first time or you are a regular client. So get ready to know more about us and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Information we will collect

We collect the required information to provide you with a perfect experience and services. we will collect the information in the following methods:

Information you provide us with:

It is the personal Instagram ID that you provide us with, in order to utilize our online tool. It is essential that you give us this information.

Information we get from the services that you use:

It is the information that we collect because of the services of the online tool that you have used. Like for checking that how has visited your Instagram profile. This information will include:

  • Device information:

We will collect the information from which device you have used our tool like its model, operating system, version, information related to mobile network and much more. It helps us to associate with you.

  • Log information:

When you will utilize our online tool, we will collect the information like the ways in which you used our services. Internet protocol address, cookies and device event information.

You can manage the information we collect. You can decide what information you want to delete.

How we utilize the information

We utilize this information to maintain, protect and provide you with beneficial results. We also utilize the information to enhance and develop our services to provide you with more ease of access. We will provide you with relevant results by using the information we collected from you.

We may utilize the ID you provide us for all the services that you will get from our tool it will also be used to represent you on our tool whenever you visit the next time. We will not make your personal information public at any cost. We will respect every choice you make regarding our online tool services.

To help solve the issues that you are facing we will keep the record of your communication with our support providers. We will save all your preferences to provide you with better usability. We may have to combine the personal information with the information that you have provided us with.

We will ask you in case we have to use your information from purpose other than our tool related services. We will process your information on the server we are utilizing that might be out of your country.


Most of our customers are always concerned about the privacy issue. We respect your selection of using the terms like:

  • We will review and update your information regularly and provide you with the choice to select that which of the information you want to be saved in the form of cookie technology.
  • We will allow you to view and edit any information you feel should not be present at our online tool.
  • You can adjust the setting according to your preference.
  • You will also get the chance to make all the cookies blocked so that none of your information will be saved on our server.

Information that you share

A significant number of our service providers let you share data with others. Keep in mind that when you share data openly, it might be indexable through internet searches, including our online tool. Our services give you diverse choices on sharing and expelling your substance.

Updating your personal information

At whatever point you utilize our administrative services, we mean to equip you with access to your own data. In the event that that data is not right, we allow giving you approaches to upgrading it rapidly or to erase it – unless we need to keep that data for honest lawful purposes. At the point when redesigning your own data, we may request that you check your identity before we can follow up on your verification request.

We may not accept the request that might harm the privacy of others that are being made repeatedly, are not able to be performed by our technical teams and are extremely impractical.

Where we can give data access and correction services, we will do as such free, with the exception of where it would require any payments. We expect to keep up our services in a way that shields data from coincidental or vindictive damage. Because of this, after you erase data from our administrative services, we may not promptly erase leftover duplicates from our dynamic servers and may not expel data from our reinforcement frameworks.

Information that we share

We will not share any of your personal information to any of the organization. You can trust us completely as your data is safe in our hands. Our privacy policy is applied to all the services and contents.

Our policies might change but do not worry, as we will notify you when this occurs and there will be no change in your rights.